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French Doors - The Origin

French Doors date back as far as the 17th century when France was at war with Italy. A French Door is a light door that has glass panes that extend for most its length and usually come in pairs. The French door is designed to accommodate light in rooms and increase the veiws to the exterior. The French door has become widely popular because of its multifunctional uses and beauty. Avalon French Doors have many styles of panes to add beauty and value to your home.

Avalon French Doors

Avalon French doors are made of Brazilian Mahogany and are manufactured with a butcher block core and a 3/16 veneer. Glass is Insulated Low E. All units are designed to be fitted with a Mahogany Simulated Divided Lite. The SDL gives the French Doors the look of True Divided Lights without the expense and allows for faster delivery. Avalon Doors usually ship in 5-10 Days. Avalon bars are applied with special tested tape that adheres permanently with the glass.

Avalon French doors are manufactured with your choice of 1 light insulated or SDL to accommodate the most discreet home designs Such as "Williamsburg Colonial", "California Contemporary", "Queen Victorian " and "Custom Prairie or Craftsman's Style" light patterns.
  • Avalon French Doors, Series 5000 and P6000 Series come in 2-0, 2-6, 2-8, and 3-0 Widths.
  • Sidelights and Transoms are available in 1-2 sizes.
  • The full Lite 5000 Series Heights are 6-8 and 8-0.
  • The 1 panel P6000 Series are 8-0 Heights, 6-8 heights are available in a longer lead time.
  • Custom Wood Species are available for special Quotes at our Sales Dept. 713-691-4600.
  • Arch French Doors are also available for special quotes and longer leadtimes.
  • Avalon Doors are sold Doors only. Prehanging is not available.
  • Glass options are Low E & Clear Insulated.

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