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High quality Mahogany French Doors designed to meet new home construction and remodeling needs at affordable prices.
Celebrating 25 Years of Quality Service Real Wood Patio Doors
Avalon French Doors Avalon Mahogany French Doors
Our Craftsmanship assures that Quality is built into every Mahogany French Door.

Our satisfaction comes from providing high quality French Doors designed to meet all new home & remodeling construction needs.

Available in your choice of light configurations:

Patio Doors
  • 1-Light French Doors
  • Low E French Doors
  • Patio French Doors
  • Wood French Doors
  • Simulated Light French Doors
  • Mahogany French Doors
  • Historic French Doors
  • Exterior French Doors
  • Interior French Doors
  • Custom French Doors
  • Single Panel French Doors
  • Fast Lead Times

Avalon French Doors are available up to 8' in height to accommodate the taller ceilings that are used in today's most discreet new home designs:

California Contemporary Historic Queen Victorian Colonial Prairie and Mission

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